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The Dark Side of Creation

Creation of the good goes together with patience. When something is created too fast, it has a demonic quality. This we can see in the Mesapotamian creation myth, in which the first born of Zurvan (the first cause), Ahriman, was born too soon because he didn’t want to wait. He tore open the womb and climbed out. He was demonic and he smelled horrible. He was Evil itself and he was bound to destroy his brothers creation (the world).

We know and feel when something goes too fast - it will be demonic. That is why creation often goes hand-in-hand with the demonic. Many artists often have demonic qualities: they are crazy, depressed or even possessed.

Creation goes together with pain and sorrow. With tears of desperation. Tears and pain about the death of the old, but the rebirth and creation of the new gives much potential for a better world. That is why giving birth is extremely painful, but it is worth the new life that grows out of it.

The old has to die to make room for the new. Wether it is an old habit, an old system or an old belief. You need to make sacrifices. You need to be prepared to dive into the yawning abyss of the unknown. And be patient. Give the seeds of the mighty trees some time to grow.

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