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Symbolism of the Well

The well contains the water of life, the water of truth. Water is the unconscious and therefore, the feminine. The water from the well comes from the depths, hence, the unconscious, the feminine.

As Carl Jung puts it: “The unconscious is nature, and nature never lies.” That’s why the well contains the water of truth. Only in the depths of nature, in the depths of our psyche, truth is to be found. In order to find truth, you have to dig deep.

The well is also the womb of the mother, of mother nature. The womb contains water. Therefore the well contains the water of life. It is the water where new life is formed.

The water of life is the ‘primordial waters’. The ancients believed that water is the very first principle. It is chaos. The unknown. From within chaos (the water, the womb, the feminine) order (God) was born. Then God separated the waters and created the world.

People exist for a great deal from water. Water also shapes into beautiful patterns when exposed to harmonic sounds. It shapes into fair chrystals when it freezes. It even reacts to love and hate. (Ever heard of the rice-in-water experiment?)

In the picture we can see Veritas, the Roman goddess of Truth and Light. She comes out of the well and she holds a mirror which reflects truth, the light of the sun and moon. It reflects the conscious as well as the unconscious, so she is forcing you to see your Self as you truly are. The men who try to cover her up and to force her back into the well symbolize world leaders, the system, the masses and the blind individual. They don't want to be confronted with the truth, because they thrive and are comfortable living in the lie. Therefore they are blindfolded and veiled. They are the archetype of the coward. The coward is too afraid to stand for the truth. He will choose the easy path, the path of the lie that leads to hell. Without the lie, they can't exist, they are powerless, so there is an existential need for them to control and cover up the truth. Facing the truth will cause their own demise, their own annihilation. The annihilation of the powers of world leaders, the annihilation of the system/civilization, the annihilation of the masses and the annihilation of one self.

No matter what, the truth will come out. So you better face it on your own volition, before it forces itself onto you.

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