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About me

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My name is Lonneke van de Weijer. I'm a 27-year-old Dutch youth psychologist, with my own business in dream analysis. Recently I got my masters in Clinical Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Eventually, my dream is to become a Jungian psychoanalyst.  

The works of Carl Jung, Mircea Eliade, Marie-Louise von Franz and many more authors have been unbelievably inspiring to me. They made me understand how religion, myths, fairy tales and our unconscious are all intertwined. I developed a great love and interest in these topics and the Jungian method sparked my fascination with the analysis of dreams. I started to interpret dreams for people and their feedback was surprisingly positive. Therefore I decided to create this website and start my own business. ​

I speak fluently Dutch and English. I live in the Netherlands, but I also lived in Connecticut (USA) for one year and in Saint Petersburg (Russia) for four months. During my life I have visited many countries and cultures. I have learned a lot from all of these experiences. In the last three years I have spend at least 2000 hours in self-study (apart from my regular university study). In the end, studying to me is a Sisyphus story: I will always keep doing it and I will never be finished. 

Lonneke van de Weijer

''Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.''

Carl Jung

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