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The 5 ways to understand your dreams.

Join the webinar and find out the 5 ways to understand your own dreams. 

Easy to apply to your own dreams.

Only leave your email adres for access.

For who is this webinar?

People who want to learn how to understand their dreams.

People who (sometimes) feel anxious and/or depressed.

People who live with childhood trauma.

People who have a bad/problematic relationship with their

mother and/or father.

People who want a better

relationship with the

opposite sex. 

People who want to gain mental stability.

Benefits of joining the webinar:

You will learn about:

how to memorize your dreams.

your shadow.

the anima (feminine).

the animus (masculine).

how dreams will give you guidance in daily life.


''Lonneke really knows what she is talking about and besides her experience in interpreting dreams, she can also apply her knowledge from Jungian psychology. So you won't just gain understanding of your dream, but you will also learn how you could apply it to your future.''

Steven de Oude

''I myself suffered from a psychosis that I got out of through dream analysis with Lonneke. I have come to understand myself and the psyche better, so that I am more balanced. I became more conscious about my unconscious, and because of that, I'm mentally more stable in life.''

S. Malcorps

''Lonneke's dream interpretations are prolific, insightful and has helped me in more ways than any money can buy. It has given me the clarity of what my unconscious is communicating to me, I cannot recommend her expertise enough and I will be coming back for more future sessions.''

Amed Hashimi
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