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''Man is a very complicated being,

and though he knows a great deal about all sorts of things,

he knows very little about himself.''

Carl Jung

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''Lonneke really knows what she is talking about and besides her experience in interpreting dreams, she can also apply her knowledge from Jungian psychology. So you won't just gain understanding of your dream, but you will also learn how you could apply it to your future.''

Steven de Oude

''I myself suffered from a psychosis that I got out of through dream analysis with Lonneke. I have come to understand myself and the psyche better, so that I am more balanced. I became more conscious about my unconscious, and because of that, I'm mentally more stable in life.''

S. Malcorps

''Lonneke's dream interpretations are prolific, insightful and has helped me in more ways than any money can buy. It has given me the clarity of what my unconscious is communicating to me, I cannot recommend her expertise enough and I will be coming back for more future sessions.''

Amed Hashimi

"Measure not by money or power! Peace of soul means more."

Carl Jung

Are dreams always meaningful?

No, not all dreams are meaningful. But when a dream is worth memorizing, when you feel like it means something, it usually does. In daily life you also only memorize the important things. So whenever you feel like your dream is meaningful, then it is meaningful.

Why is it important to understand your dreams?

Your dreams show you what goes on in your unconscious. Whatever lives in your unconscious will effect your emotions, your behavior, your opinions and your perspective. It directs your life without you being able to control it. You won't be able to understand many things that happen to you and many things that you feel and think as long as you remain clueless about your unconscious. Once you understand your dreams, you will understand your unconscious. Therefore you will be in charge of your life again, because now you understand your emotions, thoughts, behavior and the world around you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you learn to interpret dreams?

First of all, by reading Carl Jung, Marie-Louise von Franz, myths, fairy tales and more. I also learned a lot from the lectures of Jonathan Pageau. Then I started to see patterns and I started to understand the meaning of symbols and archetypes. After a while I started to have really intense archetypal dreams myself, and I was able to understand them. I also found out that I have an intuition that I can use. All these things combined make me able to make sense of people's dreams.

Will there be room for discussing more than one dream during a session?

Of course. During the dream analysis session I will be all yours. We can discuss more than one dream if you want, but we can also discuss personal matters in a more profound way. The goal is to gain understanding of your unconscious.

How can I (better) remember my dreams?

Remembering dreams is all about memory. If you have trouble to remember your dreams, then try to train your memory. Walk into a room, look around, then close your eyes and try to recall as many details as possible. Another thing you can train is being aware of waking up. As you are waking up, but not fully awake yet, try to be aware of how you feel and what is on your mind. These things can eventually help you to remember your dreams (better).

Should I write down my dreams?

Yes. Or you can record them on your phone of course. When a dream is fresh in your memory right after you woke up, it is the best moment to write it down/record it. Also, it is more useful to have a series of dreams instead of one single dream. In a series of dreams we might be able to discover certain patterns which won't stand out in a single dream. In series of dreams we are also able to see your psychological development. 

''The unconscious is nature,

and nature never lies.''

Carl Jung

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