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Symbolism of the Moon

The moon is the feminine, the unconscious, the unknown. She rules over the night, darkness, even though she is a luminary herself. She is the great mystery of change. She keep changing her shape. The moon is like the beautiful shiny pearl, but she also like silver. Silver becomes dark if you don’t clean it. The moon also turns dark. Women also have their dark periods. They become infertile, they bleed and have mood swings. This comes and goes. In contrast to this is the sun, that never changes shape. It’s like gold, which is incorruptible. It’s always steady, like men. They don’t have periods. They are always fertile and they don’t live by cycli.

The moon is the mother, the past, the home and emotions. It has the same size as the sun, and therefore the ancient Egyptians perceived the sun and moon as eyes the eyes of Horus.


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