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Symbolism of the Lotus

The Lotus is the sacred flower of the virgin soul, uncontaminated by the snake of passion, lust and evil. It is the flower of the soul with its petals pointed towards heaven, as an incense cup to the Sun of the Spirit.

The Lotus is the Mother, the womb, the place of birth (of Buddha). It is the circle, the Self, totality. It is the mandala, the Universe, the Sun, God, Horus and Osiris. The Lotus has layers of petals; the outer layers protect the vulnerable divine inner layers. The outer layers are the Virgin Mary, who protects her divine son within.

The roots of the Lotus grow deep into the soil of Mother Earth, drawing nourishment and life. They are surrounded by the Serpent and mud. Both are necessary for the perfection of the flower. They push the flower upward, while the snake of passion becomes the snake of wisdom. Coiled around the stem of this life, it gives the soul wisdom.

About one year ago I didn’t know anything about the meaning of the Lotus. I closed my eyes and I saw a Lotus and a snake with fiery eyes looking straight at me. I kept this impressive image in mind and a few months later, when I decided to start a business, I didn’t need much time to decide what my logo should look like. I immediately contacted the very talented @mudhut_illustration to ask if she was willing to make my logo. I’m still very happy with it. Only recently I read in ‘The light of Egypt, the science of the soul and the stars’ by Bourgoyne, that the Lotus and the Serpent are linked and what they mean. And today I found out that there is a fairy tale called ‘The green snake and the beautiful lily’. To me this proves how powerful symbols are, and they live in our unconscious.

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