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Symbolism of Spinning/Knitting

Spinning or knitting symbolizes a woman’s secret. Usually a cunning plan.

Women can be incredibly sly. They trick and twist people and situations to get what they want. They create a web of intrigues and lure people into their own demise. They even use their sexuality for manipulation.

This is the negative feminine side, possessed by their animus. It is the part of women that makes them dangerous. They can be incredibly destructive. Unlike men, they don’t use their muscles. No, they use scams and plots.

We can see a clear example of this in the story of Sleeping Beauty in which the evil fairy is spinning on her spinning wheel. But we can also take a look at the story of Charles Dickens, A Tale Of Two Cities, in which Madame Defarge is constantly knitting. She is plotting the French Revolution and in the end she, among other knitting women, enjoys the decapitation of the aristocrats, whilst still knitting.

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