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Greek Mythology: Diana

Diana is the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt. She is also known as Artemis, Selene, Phoebe and Cynthia. Apollo, the sun god, is her brother. Every night she carries the moon through the sky. She is usually depicted with a bow and arrow, hunting dogs and the moon (on her head).

Diana didn’t want to marry, and eventually her father, Jupiter/Zeus, agreed to this. This is why she is also the goddess of chastity.

She did fall in love now and then. One day she fell in love with the shepherd (or hunter) Orion. His dog was the ever loyal Sirius.

Apollo didn’t like this and he came up with a ruse. He challenged Diana to aim her arrow at a very small dot in the ocean and hit it. She did this, but little did she know that this dot was in fact her beloved Orion who went for a swim. When she found out, she was devastated, and she placed Orion and his dog Sirius in the heavens as brightly shining stars.

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